Survivors in the Garden

Survivors in the Garden is just that—a collection of poems about survival: of the garden and the gardener. In “Morning Wish” Kane says of her first lover she forgave him “as the incision forgives the knife,” an image cuttingly double-edged given her and her family’s struggles and the equally difficult nature of redemption. Of her, survival demands courage and grace. Poem after poem demonstrates both, which, aside from its sheer beauty and formal dexterity, is what this reader values most about Marie Kane’s work: courage and grace, her necessary armor in a fallen world, and she reminds us, ours.
~George Drew, The View from Jackass Hill

Poetry is sorely in need of a collection that portrays the multi-faceted life that individuals with multiple sclerosis face, yet one that still maintains a high level of artistic integrity. Marie Kane’s Survivors in the Garden more than rises to the occasion. What you won’t find in Kane’s poetry is self-pity or passing the baton to God. What you will find is unflinching self-honesty and a great capacity for tenderness. It’s an important book.
~Michael Northen, Editor, Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability

“Everything Must Count for Something” is the title of one of Marie Kane’s poems in her brave and beautiful Survivors in the Garden. In Kane’s book everything does count; that’s why we keep turning back to its pages. Here is a poet who reminds us what matters and she does so—fiercely, gently, indomitably, intelligently—in words as valuable as anything we cherish.
~Chris Bursk, The First Inhabitants of Arcadia


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