Interview with Pentimento editors Lori Brozek and Marie Kane in online journal, Wordgathering

Lori and I are pleased to have the interview concerning our magazine, Pentimento, with Michael Northen, editor of Wordgathering, published in the September issue of that journal.  Lori is the Managing Editor of Pentimento and I’m the Poetry Editor.

See the September issue for the interview, and other great writing about disability Wordgathering publishes.

I am grateful to Wordgathering for publishing my first poem concerning MS, “Shards,”  and in later issues, other poems and essays. See my site for a copy of the poem under the file “Living With Multiple Sclerosis and Poems About Doing So.”  “Shards” concerns teaching with MS.

The magazine, Pentimento, concerns all things disability–fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, essays, memoir, art, and photography.  Read the interview and check out our magazine  to find out more!


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