Take a minute and check out Pentimento Magazine.  Begun by Lori Brozek from Lambertville NJ, we are an ad-free print magazine that concerns “All Things Disability.” I’m the magazine’s poetry editor; our entries have originated from the U.S. and other countries.

Pentimento Magazine is accepting submissions for the summer 2015 issue from January 1, 2015 until March 31, 2015. For the upcoming issue, we’d love to see entries related to the theme of WORK and disability; although we will accept material that does not concern that theme. We publish Creative non-fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Art, and Photography. We accept material from both children and adults who are disabled individuals themselves and from those who are in the disabled community–caregiver, family member, doctor, friend, etc.

 ALL ENTRIES FOR THE READERS’ PEN COLUMN MUST BE BASED ON THE THEME OF ‘WORK’ AND DISABILITY. The writing for this column is first person memoir/personal essays centering on a theme and its relationship to disability. These entries may be heavily edited.

We pay our contributors.
On occasion, we accept previously published work. Please give the name and date of the previous publication; make sure you have ownership of the work.

The cover is always art by a disabled child.

To submit to the magazine, ask for a free issue, or to subscribe, click on Pentimento Magazine and check out the submission requirements for each genre. Please follow the requirements if you want your material to be considered; the material must be well-crafted and concern disability. The author must be either disabled or a member of the disability community.

Art and photography are always welcome; they have special requirements:
A person with a disability may enter art or photography on any issue.
A person connected to the disability community must submit art or photography directly addressing disability.

We also have an “Uncut” column where a handwritten piece by a young person with a disability is published as is; we do not make any revisions on that piece.

“Pentimento” refers to an art term that means:
“An underlying image in a painting, as an earlier painting, part of a painting or original draft, that shows through, usually when the top layer of paint has become transparent with age.”    Also, it means “To see beyond the surface.”

We hope our magazine does just that–see beyond the surface of a disability and connect individuals.  Our home page says it best: “Through art, photography, essays, stories, and poetry, Pentimento will ask its readers to see beyond disabilities and physical challenges.  To see the ways in which we are all connected, and find in our pages a sense of the what the poet Emily Dickinson wrote:  ‘I felt it shelter to speak to you.’ “

Let us see your take on living with a disability–you just might find yourself in print.

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