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Survivors in the Garden has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Big Table Publishing.

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Reader’s Comments:
Excellent poems, Marie; surviving is such heavy-hearted work sometimes, but you have made it into art. ~~ Marjorie Millner, singer songwriter

Your work is really powerful.  It’s ironic perhaps that the source of our pain also becomes the source of our strength. You write about your experiences with having MS so vividly – so much from the inside – that I can immediately relate to it and understand it in ways that I haven’t before.  ~~  Janet Mason, author of Tea Leaves, a Memoir.  (Bella Books, 2012)

I really admire your ability with words and description.   I was caught between smiling and crying half the time, then just fell into sheer admiration.  After rereading the blurbs, I think “grace” as a word to describe you and the damn MS is so completely inadequate.  The fact is that you are, as they would say in England, a bloody good poet. ~~  Lavinia Kumar, author of Rivers of Saris.  (Main Street Rag, 2013)

I am going to nominate Survivors in the Garden for a Pushcart Prize.  It’s such a fantastic collection.   In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever nominated one of my chapbooks – but it’s a third nomination for you! ~~ Robin Stratton, Publisher, Big Table Publishing Co, and Editor, Boston Literary Magazine; author, Of Zen and Men.  (Big Table, 2012)

Thank you,
Marie Kane

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